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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 25, 2015 2:30am-4:01am EDT

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cleveland police officer in the death of two the unarmed suspects. the decision sparked protests and some arrests. more about the decision and the tension that followed in just a moment. >> severe storms and historic flash floods being blamed for at least three deaths in texas and oklahoma. dozens of people had to be rescued and thousands forced from their inundated homes. stay tuned for today's forecast from accuweather. >> tributes are pouring in for nobel prize winning mathematician john nash who was killed had this weekend in a car accident along with his wife. his battle with mental illness was depicted in the film a beautiful mind " >> thousands of bikers roaring
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across the nation's capital for the annual rolling thunder ride for freedom saluting the nation's military veterans. those are some of our top stories on this monday, may 25th. from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> well, a happy memorial day weekend to you. bebe gan this half hour with a verdict in cleveland. the city earning praise this morning for the way the decision was handled. >> certainly compared to what we've seen in some other cities. but protesters did take to the streets to express their anger. some got out of hand. this morning streets are pretty much overwhelmingly calm. alex perez reports from cleveland. >> reporter: tension in cleveland. >> don't shoot. hands up don't shoot. >> reporter: police making 71 arrests mostly for violence against bystanders. most of those arrests coming at night. >> we had incidents of protesters actually pepper spraying patrons that were
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seated at restaurants in their patio areas walking down the street. >> a judge saturday cleared cleveland police officer michael brelo of any wrongdoing in the shooting deaths of timothy russell and melissa williams. the decision came on a holiday weekend to minimize delay. victims' family members furious. >> it's a tragedy because nobody is being head accountable. >> russell and williams were killed in 2012 after leading police on a nearly 25-minute car chase that involved more than 100 officers. police who thought we were being shot at finally cornered the car. multiple officers were firing and brelo jumped on the hood of their car and fired 15 shots into the windshield. >> even through iraq, i've never ever been this terrified. >> the protests for the most part peaceful. services across the city emphasizing the need for calm. >> we don't need burn baby burn. we need vote baby vote.
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>> while demonstrations have been peaceful police say they are prepared to handle any protests should things get out of hand. alex perez, cloo efld. >> a suspicious car caused quite a scare on the national mall. a pressure cooker found in the unattended station wagon blown up by the bomb squad right across the street from the u.s. capitol. and officers also' retrieved what appeared to be a propane tank as thousands gathered for a memorial day concert. the owner of the car was arrested. police say the public was never in danger. >> severe storms menacing the plains over the weekend killed at least three people. two others in a hospital after a tornado blew out windows tearing off a section of the roof. some tenants scrambled to gather belongings while others evacuated with just the clothes on their backs. flash floods are forcing thousands of people from their homes from texas to oklahoma. a concrete bridge destroyed in central texas yesterday when the blanco river surged over its
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banks. up to 400 homes washed away. the water rising so fast dozens of people had to be rescued after they were stranded in their karnz in oklahoma widespread flooding has swamped homes and businesses there. muddy water seed into basements and living rooms and a firefighter was swept away and killed as he tried to rescue a group of people stranded by the floods. more extreme weather is forecast there today. here now molly cochran. hello to you. >> thanks reena and t.j. it was a historic weekend in oklahoma city. looks like the threat of flooding shifts farther to the south for memorial day from dallas to houston and powerful thunderstorms, including dallas san antonio and houston. some of these thunderstorms could even produce a few tornadoes. meanwhile, the northeast will be baking for memorial day. heat and humidity going to be a factor. reena and t.j. back to you. >> molly, thank you so much. breaking news coming to us
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overseas this morning. earthquake has shaken japan. 5.3 quake centered 21 miles north of tokyo. you see some shaking going on showing buildings shaking in tokyo. the quake briefly halted train lines. no immediate reports however of damage or injuries. no tsunami warnings have been issued, as well. but again a 5.3 magnitude quake. harsh words from the pentagon chief about the iraqi military in light of major advances by isis. ashton carter says is the iraqi forces showed no will to fight. carter added that even though iraqi soldiers vastly outnumbered the opposition they with drew without much resistance. is the latest from alex marquardt. >> this morning, isis on a roll scoring major land grabs in the past week. the group now estimated to control half of syria. and taking the key iraqi city of ramadi. there the iraqi be army once again appeared to crumble. these soldiers pinned down by
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isis evacuated by rescue helicopters. >> i don't believe anybody felt that ramadi would fall. and i think it's of great concern to everyone. >> isis used 30 car bombs to take ramadi including ten the size of the oklahoma city blast. just days later, across the border in syria, isis routed government troops in the ancient city of palmyra, home to majestic ruins more than 2,000 years old. fear? isis cos destroy treasures there and loot other artifacts to fund their campaign. despite the isis gains in an interview with the atlantic this week the president insisted we're not losing. instead calling it a tactical setback. >> what's what degrading isis's capabilities looks like? ten oklahoma city bombings. >> this is what a military conflict looks like and this is what a very tenacious adversary looks like. >> republican critics pounced. >> where is our decency in where
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is our concern about these thousands of people that are being slaughtered and displaced. >> and in a new claim online the jihadist group now says it has so much money it may soon be able to buy a nuclear weapon. a horrifying prospect that last year the president said would trigger the need for u.s. ground troops. >> if we discovered that isil had gotten possession i've nuclear weapon, yes, you can anticipate that not only would chairman dempsey recommend me sending u.s. ground troops to get that weapon out of their hands but i would order it. >> reporter: syrian and iraqi forces on their heels, the u.s. grappling with its strategy as the isis momentum grows. alex marquardt, abc news beirut. >> feminist icon gloria steinem among a group of women making a historic trip from north to south korea. during the visit to north korea, there were emotional meetings between the activists and north
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korean women. >> she was there is to call attention to the need for peace between the two countries. >> so your facebook postings what do they say about you? do you post on facebook? your status, relationship status updates. >> i have been married for the past five years. >> it never changes? >> it hasn't changed yet. do you know something i don't know the. >> no, i've been married for the past five years. my status updays change sometimes. it says's either really happily married or just happily married. >> i didn't know there was either of that. >> they give you the option now. there's a new study that reveals those who is post their relationship status have low esteem. yes, the authors believe those posters are trying to generate attention. they want you to look at this thing in order to distract from their own feelings. other findings is narcissists are more likely to post achievements as opposed to their relationships. >> is achievement work because i like to post stories and things i do for various platforms, abc,
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our show so other people see them. is that considered a narcissist? >> we're talking about like i won an award or i did this. no, no. no you don't do that. >> that's not my thing. no one's given me of an award too. >> oh please. you're offer favorite. >> does that mean i have low self-esteem for saying that? we believe the last time beat did a story about key west here on "world news now," it was about bafd -- bed -- what was it about? >> a bed race down main street. >> what's what it was. >> racing issen on the water this time. 3 sailors turned out. this is the waenl wacky key west regatta. homemade boats. made entirely of thin plywood and duct tape. wonder how that went. some made it out. others in the water as usual. awards were handed out or given to the fastest boat and most creative design. also dreaded sinkers award. i'm sure whoever won the awards they posted on facebook to boost
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their self-esteem. important advice the best and worst times to is hit the highway. >> and the boom in the skies. a multimillion dollar drone industry. and how these little flying machines are helpful while others are being harassed. the pros and cons can for people across the corrupt. >> and how they're coping with the ugliness of war through comedy. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by digestive advantage.
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lysol? you are loved in so many different ways that's why you're wrapped in the comfort of pampers swaddlers with blanket-like softness
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and up to 12 hours of protection so all you feel is love. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers new details this morning about that small plane that crashed on to an atlanta highway bursting into flames killing a family on the way to college graduation. new dash police cam video has surfaces capturing the planes's terrifying final moments. the crash killed a father his two sons and the one son's fiance. the cause of the crash under investigation.
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>> very hard to watch that. >> something else that's in the air is stirring up controversy among a growing number of people on the ground. >> yes cases of people being spied on by drones are on the rise. very few states have laws that can stop it. here now byron pits. >> drone spying intruding on lives all over the country. >> did you see the dougies. >> in miami, christina was breastfeeding when she noticed a drone hovering right outside her window. >> if i can't nurse in my house, where can i freely nurse my child? and this is where i was trying to get ahold of it. >> and that instinct to grab the drone and rip it to pieces is shared. >> some guy flying a drone with a camera over my property. >> when residents in new jersey called 911 to complain about the electronic intruder flying outside their home one neighbor destroyed it with a shotgun prompting the drone's owner to call 911 on his own. >> the neighbors took out a
2:45 am
shotgun and started firing my way and shot the drone out of the air. >> even celebs are not immune from being droned. miley cyrus shot in the instagram video last year appearing to show a paparazzi drone hovering her home. >> we have enough paparazzi. >> while they found their way into unwelcome corners, they've also opened up a world of hidden beauty. >> just look at this. it is unbelievable. i'm standing on this colossal stalagmite. >> that can also provide a benefit to the public safety giving lifeguards a new way to help swimmers as shown in this video from project rip tide. >> drones are the definitely the future of search and rescue. you can see things with some of this technology that you can't see with the human eye from the ground. >> camera equipped drones are here to stay for better or for worse. byron pitts, abc news new york.
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>> all right. coming up comedy catharsis. >> how some soldiers have used the power of laughter as a coping mechanism on the battlefield and beyond. you're watching abc's "world news now."
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well, not easy right, to find humor in the heat of battle. >> no, it's not. that's what the some soldiers
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are doing as a way of coping with the horrors of war and emotional release once they get back home. here is abc's dan kloeffler. >> i'm not from the new york. i was born in detroit. detroit looks like what happens when you lose in sin city. >> like any comic, derek humphrey looks for the punch line in a situation. even in the middle of a war. >> it was kind of bewildering in a sense just because i couldn't imagine that i would ever be a part of that point in history. and to be completely honest i didn't entirely agree with all of it. >> after enlisting in the navy he found himself stationed board the "uss donald cook" launching missiles in support of "operation iraqi freedom." >> how did humor find its way into the situation like that? >> the military the military is lot of hurry up and wait. you do all these things to get prepared and to execute an order or you know accomplish a mission or a goal or a
2:49 am
directive. and then you know, sometimes the powers that be will make you wait a minute or several or hours. >> that down time allowed derek to work on something else. his act. >> whenever they ask me for money, they always do so by commenting on my weight all the time. like i'll be walking down the street and i hear all the time yo big boy. yo big time. you got a dollar? like i'm sorry, sir, i just spent my dollar on some high fructose corn syrup. >> at what point along the way were you like you no what maybe this comedy thing might be something to do. >> my work space was you know below the water line. we had a compartment inside of there. the officers were way up top. some of them would sometimes take breaks and travel all the way to the bottom and say hey, man, tell me jokes. >> his journey into the world of standup comedy didn't start in the military. >> i didn't have a normal upbringing as a kid which was
2:50 am
probably why i gravitated so much towards comedy. it was beak my mom and i. i was always an awkward weirdo kid. i always wanted to be funny and you can't suppress that sort of thing. >> that sort of thing is exactly what dave goldstein hopes to bring out in others like derek. >> i just thought it was something that would help. i find comedy cathartic. i can go up and stage and talk about anything that's bothering me and hopefully make it funny. i thought it might work for them also. >> that's why he's teamed up with the wounded warrior project to help teach comedy to veterans. >> we probably have about seven or eight veterans and we start off at the beginning and we start with you know what, do you think's funny. tell me something funny and try and build an act. theoretically at the end of the course we have a little show. >> whether it's working a small room or headlining madison square garden the laughs they share hold deeper meaning >> i was sitting with these guys from the 10th mountain division who had just come back.
2:51 am
this guy turns to his friend and he says man, this is like the first night in a year we haven't been mortared. >> and it's those types of reality checks that seem to help comics like derek do what they do best make people laugh. >> what's your warmup routine? what do you do to get yourself psyched up for the audience? >> a couple downward dog poses. a few jumping jacks. a kale shake. >> real intense. >> yeah i pace around a lot. >> what was your first big break then in the city? >> i'm still waiting on it. >> talent scouts take note. dan cleper in, abc news. >> you cope however you can. that's a cool way to do so through comedy. congrats to those guys. a story like that on this memorial day weekend but important stories anytime. >> it's great to see people doing a lot. >> did you hit the road? you didn't drive anywhere this
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♪ >> well, a record number of americans hitting the highways this memorial day weekend. the most in ten years. >> yes everybody out there
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trying to navigate your way home through the other millions of vehicles on the road. a buper crop of new apps that promise to help make the drive home easier. here now abc's linsey davis. >> this memorial day weekend a travel nightmare. aaa estimates 33 million people are on the road this three-day weekend, making it the busiest in a decade. some good news gas is almost a dollar cheaper than this time last year with the national average now at $2.75 a gallon. asvationers start to think about the long ride home, there are ways to avoid getting stuck in a massive backup. with the advent of interactive driving apps like waze route times are based on realtime driving data warning you about everything from pot holes to construction. after plugging in the address where i'm going i get three routes. a potential time savings of 35 minutes. >> everything is guided by voice including things that are
2:57 am
happening on the road. >> if you plan to drive home on memorial day, rush hour is in the middle of the day. >> people are on the roads the most on memorial day during 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. if you want to get going to the beach, maybe leave earlier or if you're about to return home and don't want to be stuck in traffic, best to way till after 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. >> travel experts giving a word of caution saying travel on tuesday may be much worse than many expect. linsey davis abc news new york. >> tuesday? >> how was your traffic? you went to the beach. >> it's about two miles from my home. >> okay. >> that wasn't bad. >> i'll drive you anytime you want to go. >> we keep going back to this. >> you know what i miss? i missed the one the graphics department put together of us in that old car. it looks like we just got married that says "world news now." what happened to that one. >> it's holiday. >> our graphics department is never off. >> somebody's off.
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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather. tornados in houston, catastrophic floods across much of texas and oklahoma. damage and destruction on memorial day weekend. >> we are making rope blankets to hang out the window in case we need to get onto the roof. >> the weekend of rescues and evacuations and more storm warnings from accuweather. >> soldier stories letters from the battlefield sent to loved ones. the man keeping those memories from being thrown away forever. >> that was so striking that he would consider discarding something so historically significant. >> unforgettable memories on this important holiday and any day. >> and later safety questions. newer, taller faster and wilder roller coasters welcome thrill
3:01 am
seekers this summer but are they putting riders at risk? it's monday, may 25th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> ah. happy memorial day. >> happy memorial day. >> monday. barbecue and all that stuff. you talked you were going to do that this weekend. >> yes went to the beach today. got it in. >> really? >> first day of beach day. >> beach thing, the beach body? you been working on. >> i didn't say that. people were looking forward to putting on their beach attire and slowing off what they've been working on. >> a little chilly at the beach. >> it was. it was a nice day today. >> hope you all are having a good memorial day. some people having a pretty rough one because of weather. it is that season, of course, but still the timing is just awful. everybody looking forward to having a good memorial day weekend with family. some people in the midwest manufacture getting battered. in the plains, as well.
3:02 am
record rainfall deadly flash floods and really powerful tornados. >> one twister hit a houston apartment complex injuring two people. the town scrambled to gather a few belongs or nothing at all. in texas and oklahoma flooding claimed at least three lives. here's abc's phillip plin na. >> this farmland became an inland sea as sprawling floodwaters turned homes and barnes noose islands. in texas, the blanco river surged 35 feet over its banks, destroying this concrete bridge. a helicopter rescuing two men from its raging waters. hannah's father was one of them. >> he was like i don't know if i'm going to make it but he was like i love you. >> with minutes to spare the black hawk helicopter saving both men from a watery grave. >> door busted open and this is what's happening. we are inside the house. we are trying to stay calm. >> the blanco river also bashed its way into shelley green's home outside austin flooding
3:03 am
forcinged hundreds from their homes, setting 0 of a white knuckle wait for deliverance. >> we saw what we thought was a rescue boat coming down the river and we kind of did a cheer and then we realized it was a car. >> reporter: evacuees is packed shelters. this man was stranded and separated from his 91-year-old mother. >> she might be over at the cypress creek church but that's across the river and i can't get across it. >> reporter: in wimberly texas the flash floods tore this giant tree from its roots and smashed nearby homes to pieces. phillip mena abc news hayes county texas. >> the holiday brings no relief to the flood zone. >> the last thing texas and oklahoma need right now more rain. they are getting it. getting more threats of severe weather. hello to you, molly. >> thanks reena and t.j. it was a historic weekend for oklahoma city over 70 water rescues on saturday. now, the threat for flash
3:04 am
flooding going to shift tarter to the south from dallas to houston. also have powerful thunderstorms, can't rule out the chance for some tornados from san antonio to houston. meanwhile the northeast, d.c. to philadelphia it's going to be a very warm and humid day. don't forget the sunscreen if you're headed outdoors. reena and t.j., back to you. >>. >> thank you so much. we had a heck of a scene across the street from the u.s. capitol captain last night. that's been the home of strange happenings not too long ago. look at this bomb squad called up to blow up a pressure cooker found in an unoccupied car on the national mall. this was happening as thousands of people gathering for a memorial day concert. pulled from the station wagon appeared to be a propane tank. police insist there was no threat to the public. >> the streets of cleveland are calm this morning after a weekend of protests following a saturday morning verdict in a police shooting case. 71 people arrested in the hours
3:05 am
after the decision including some who attacked by sanders. most protests were peaceful. sunday morning services emphasize the need for calm and ohio's governor praised the city's response. >> i think the people of cleveland have handled this i mean they should be so proud of themselves. we should look at cleveland as a model. >> officer michael brelo was acquitted in the deaths of two unarmed suspects. he fired 15 but thes into the windshield after a chase. the justice department is reviewing the verdict. >> investigators in new orleans working pretty hard trying to figure out who killed a housing authority police officer. killed as he sat in his patrol car. the officer with security detail at an aapartment building under construction when he was shot. his body was discovered in that patrol car. detectives are now saying it's too early to tell if he was the target. actress and comedienne anne meara died one half of the team stiller anne meara.
3:06 am
but she had a thriving acting career on teenage and on tv. she had recurring roles on "all my children" and the king of queens" to name a few. the mother of ben stiller and writer amy stiller. no word on the cause of death. anne meara was 85 years old. >> tributes have been pouring in for john nash died this weekend along with his wife in a car accident. nash's bat with mental illness was depicted in the oscar winning film a beautiful mind". russell crowe starred as nash in that movie. tweeted about the couple saying an amazing partnership. beautiful minds it, beautiful hearts. here's mara schiavocampo. >> he was the brilliant inspiration behind a beautiful mind " >> a number of solutions for any given problem. >> the nobel prize winning mathematician john nash played by russell crowe in the oscar winning film documenting his
3:07 am
genius and at times madness. >> he's been injected. >> being mourned. nash and his wife alicia killed saturday while in a taxi on the new jersey turnpike. nash a father of two just weeks shy of his 87th birthday. considered one of the great math magticians of the 20th century, nash won the nobel prize in 1994 for his early career defining work on game theory. but in 1959 his life took an unexpected turn when nash was diagnosed with pacer noid schizophrenia as he spoke about with pbs. >> in madness, i thought i was the most important person in the world. and people like the pope would be just like enemies who would try to put me down some way. >> reporter: nash is remembered for his genius. russell crow tweeting stunned. beautiful minds, beautiful hearts. moremore abc news new york. >> feminist icon gloria steinem
3:08 am
among a group you have about 30 women make'g trim from north korea to south korea intended to call attention to the need for peace between the two nations. >> also on the move is actress susan sarandon on a five-day visit to nepal to urge tourists to stop making plans to go there, as well. she says when the monsoon season ends in september an important part of nepal's recovery will be restoring its important tourism industry. >> other activist who are diehard behind a cause. freeing tom brady. that's right, folks. we had a, what do you call this? want to call this a gathering a rally? they're in the parking lot of the trots stadium. this was called a free tom brady rally. they were calling for brady's four game deflategate suspension
3:09 am
needs to be thrown out. his appeal will be heard this week. a much more serious matter in paris. this is the end of roger fedder's french open victory. this looks innocent enough. some kid wants to take a selfie. problem is, you're on center court at the french open and no one should be allowed to jump from their seat and get down onto the court. federer was as close to livid as espn put it as you can get. even though he was still pretty calm cool and collected in his comment. he made it clear he was upset. this is a serious issue. they call this a lack of judgment on the part of security staff there. we have seen incidents over the years, most of them just excited fans not crazed just excited to get down there. we've seen the situation with monica celeste as she was stabbed when somebody jumped down. that should never be allowed. he was upset about it. hopefully they get that worked out. >> at the dindy 500 a grizzled
3:10 am
veteran showing young guys how it's done. 39-year-old colombian driver juan pablo montoya had to make his way through almost the entire field twice. >> he was ahead when it mattered most in the lead winning his second ever of indy 500. but first tasted the traditional milk in the winner's circle. >> 15 wins between wins is a new record. he said afterwards i'm loving racing right now. understandably so. >> coming up "the mix" for you and a dance party is sending a message about bullying. >> also ahead, amusement parks ready with faster and taller roller coasters. we'll get answers to important safety questions. >> historic letters from the battlefield saved and preserved. the first person accounts of recent and past wars so important on this memorial day, really any day. you're going to want to see this story. >> suc also follow us on
3:11 am
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24 hours. zero heartburn. mathematician. memorial day weekend tradition in the nation's capital. thousands of bikers saluted veterans with this annual rolling thunder ride for freedom. it's the 27th year they've done this. bikers rallied at the pentagon before crossing memorial bridge and cruising around the national mall. >> another tradition is the art
3:15 am
of soldiers keeping in touch with loved ones from thousands of miles away. >> at one point it was parchment, now pen and paper. still the technology may have changed but the emotion from the battlefield remains timeless. here now martha raddatz. >> collecting these letters from the revolutionary war through iraq in afghanistan is historian and author andrew carole's decades long passion and commitment. it began with a phone call from a distant cousin. >> he said i was just going through my old world war ii memorial and came across a letter i wrote 1945 about buchenwald. a young american soldier had just gone to the camp and writing back to his wife what he saw. he sent me the original letter. i'll never forget holding it in my hands. i said thank you so much for sharing this. he said keep it i was probably going to throw it out anyway. that was so striking to me that he would consider discarding thing sthafs so historically
3:16 am
significant. we prefer the orgs. >> since that first letter, carole has collected over 100,000 more. >> whether you're fighting in lexington in concord or going door to door in fallujah and iraq the intensity of going into combat and all the feelings they go through are universal. one of the great misconceptions about letter writing today is that the troops aren't creating these incredible corresponds like they did in the civil war. troops in iraq and afghanistan have xom posed the most eloquent and poignant and powerful messages i've ever read. that's why we're encouraging family who's had troops serving in other countries save those e-mails. >> many of the most powerful letters are now on display at washington's national cathedral alongside the work of a now 93-year-old portrait artist who painted recovering world war ii veterans. >> here you are in the cleveland ohio hospital. so you got a little bit into the
3:17 am
west. >> i went as far as away as iowa. >> lyla oliver asher went to these different military hospitals and interacted with the troops. it meant a lot to them. there are so many people helping the war effort and still do so in many different ways. >> andrew carole knows those powerful memories will live on. a permanent collection will soon be open to the public at chatman university in orange california. there the wartime experiences we honor this memorial day will had preserved forever. martha raddatz, abc news washington. >> so good that people are keeping track of this because generations. generations. >> just going to throw it out. great story, martha. thank you for that. coming up next half hour wildlife officials on high alert. why? that might be a good reason southern california looking for a coyote that attacked a 3-year-old girl at a community park. what residents are being warned not to do. >> first the race heating up across the country at amusement
3:18 am
parks. how they're trying to outdo each other for the title of biggest, fastest and most thrilling. that's next on "world news now." >> "world ne
3:19 am
ws >> the unofficial start of summer now in high greer this memorial day, there's a battle raging would you believe it at amusement parks. >> this is crazy. doing everything they can to outdo each other with the fastest and most stomach churning rides. who better to test them out, marci gonzalez took a test ride. >> it takes a super hero strength stomach to handle some of summer's ultimate attractions like this. the new batman ride at six flags in texas using magnetic finns to flip riders an as they fly around curves and conquer 90
3:20 am
degree drops. amusement parks across the country are in an all out battle to build the wildest thrills. from the world's tallest water slide debuted in kansas city by our matt gutman to the ride in new jersey promising the tallest and fastest drop. plunging riders 41 stories at 90 miles an hour. and the roller coaster race only gets more outrageous with the so-called skyscraper being built in orlando promising to shatter records when the 570 foot tall towering thrill ride opens in 2017. while rides keep getting scarier, are they also getting more dangerous? >> you shouldn't avoid the amusement park. it's inspection on top of inspection on top of proper maintenance and records that keeps those rides safe. >> reporter: there have been some unforeseen scares in just the past two months. riders at disney california
3:21 am
adventure owned by abc's parent company were stuck at the peak of this coaster back in april. earlier this month, people in pennsylvania were stalled sky high on three different rides during a power outage at hershey park. no one was hurt in the incidents and according to a study by industry researchers riders only have a one in 24 million chance of being being seriously hurt on a roller coaster meaning you're actually more likely to be hurt on a playground. and this is definitely no merry go round. marci gonzalez abc news new york. >> i'll take the merry go round. >> you really? >> oh yeah. >> you got a better chance of getting injured though. >> i think when you're a teenager maybe there are hormones that makes it more acceptable. >> you threw hormones in there. >> i think it's hormones. the pit utory gland. i have no idea. that's why i never go with you. we have to photo shop our heads on to -- >> i like roller coasters.
3:22 am
there's nothing like a roller coaster thrill. >> every night is a roller coaster with you. >> a merry go round with you, okay? . write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information call this number now. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. stand by to learn more. >> i'm alex trebek here to tell you about a popular life insurance plan with a rate lock that locks in your rate for life so it can never increase. did you get your free information kit? if not, please call this number now. this affordable plan through the colonial penn program has coverage options for just $9.95 a month. your rate is locked in
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all right. you remember this story, folks? an update. this dance party for shaun o'brien. you remember he was essentially fat shaped is what they call it. this is the updated video. that's him but a picture of him went around online and people were making fun of him essentially. he was cutting loose and dancing. he was fat shamed online. a couple of women in l.a. tracked him down. they found him over in england somewhere. and they decided to throw this party for him. and celebrities got involved in this. this was really a bullying campaign. so the party finally took place the other night. there he is dancing his butt off. his name is shaun o'brien. but the #was finding dancing man. a lot of people remember mobe by pharrel williams got
3:26 am
involved. that was monica lewinsky got involved, as well because she's been a part of this anti-bullying campaign, as well. good for you all for putting this together for him. he had a grand old time. a good message to go along with it, as well. >> they flew him out to l.a. >> he was just dancing and people started making fun of him online. it was awful. >> he got the last laugh though. >> he absolutely did. good for you. >> take a look at a dodgers fan who has been doing an incredible job at catching these balls. okay? and then he's able to capture them on videotape like he is videotaping. he's got the camera in his hand from may 3rd. this is from may 24th. >> is this real. >> same guy. i'm not kidding you. dodgers fan bobby cosby. >> stop it. i don't believe it. >> he recorded himself making a snow cone catch of adrian gonzales's home run. >> i do not believe what i'm seeing. are you sure this isn't edited?
3:27 am
>> he did the same thing earlier. our producer. adrian found this. >> he has a camera rolling, the ball is hit and he watches the ball coming. >> and he's got it in his other hand. >> wow. >> i think they should recruit him but he's not necessarily a good luck charm. one of the games where he caught the ball they won, another one they lost. >> how are the dodgers doing? any l.a. fans in here? nobody? >> okay. lastly here you know this movie mad max" has been been doing well opened not too long ago. i'm not a video game fan. but mario is a big deal. somebody decided to put together a mario cart mad max, what do you call it some kind of mashup if you will? here is the result. this looked like movie clips. there we go. there's the mayorio cart version. mario cart has been huge. i haven't seen this movie yet. it's been doing great at the box
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," deadly storms from downpours and record floods to tornadoes leaving behind destruction. the storm after storm hitting texas and oklahoma this holiday weekend and what's next from accuweather. >> capital scare. police and the bomb squad in d.c. taking no chances after they discover something suspicious in a car. the swift action and who is under arrest. >> on the lookout. coyotes on the prowl in the city. and in suburban areas. a girl attacked and why these animals are venturing out of the wild. >> and later in "the skinny." new details about josh duggar and the new reality tv star in the middle of a scandal. why video from a few years ago resurfacing now could make matters worse. it's monday may 25th.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> hey there. good morning, everyone. a very happy memorial day on this monday. >> this monday we're dealing with weather. it's that time of year, but man, everybody's hoping for a nice holiday weekend. it's a rough one for a lot of folks. because we're talking about killer storms now, they're hitting parts of the plains, the midwest. thousands of people having to leave their homes. >> a tornado tore through an apartment complex in houston, sheering off part of its roof, leaving rooms exposed to the sky. >> yeah, and after record rainfall, floodwater surrounded homes in north texas destroying up to 400 of them. dozens of people had to be rescued from rising waters, as well in oklahoma. we start our coverage with abc's phillip mena. >> this is what's happening. we are inside the house. we are trying to stay calm. >> shelley green describing this frightening scene unfolding outside austin as the blanco river broke into homes. >> we are making rope blankets to hang out the window in case we need to get onto the roof. >> reporter: rescuers racing to
3:32 am
save residents. >> water is moving fast. a lot of water going through. >> reporter: hundreds evacuating to red cross shelters in the region. this woman describing her desperate wait for help. >> we saw what we thought was a rescue boat coming down the river and we kind of did a cheer and then we realized it was a car. >> reporter: uprooted trees showing just how powerful the water was. deborah and kurt live feet away from the bulging river that wiped out their neighbor's home. >> it hurts. it hurts to see other people hurting. >> reporter: this drone showing the damage from above. this bridge completely swept away. the national guard using blackhawks to rescue people. at least one person is dead and three are missing in hays county following the floods. those fast moving waters also claiming at least one life in oklahoma. near tulsa, firefighter jason farley falling into a storm drain while trying to rescue others. he leaves behind a wife and a 15-year-old daughter. >> we suspect that he drowned. got caught in the storm drain
3:33 am
itself. >> more than half of the state under flood warning. back in texas, near austin these u-hauls crushed and flipped. an early morning tornado ripping roofs off this apartment complex in houston. more than three dozen units damaged, so many first responders using orange xs to signify they've been searched. five people taken to the hospital. and this is the blanco river just southwest of austin. it's not expected to fall below flood stage and that's only if there's no more rain. phillip mena abc news, hays county, texas. >> watches and warnings are going up again tomorrow in the storm regions of texas and oklahoma. >> let's continue coverage now with accuweather and forecaster molly cochran. hey there, molly. >> thanks, reena and t.j. for the memorial day holiday, we do have the threat for some flooding issues. an additional 1 to 3 inches of rainfall from dallas to houston on top of really wet ground. the water has nowhere else to go
3:34 am
except for to cause problems. also some strong thunderstorms monday afternoon from san antonio to houston. some of these thunderstorms could even produce large hail and a few isolated tornadoes. it's going to be a warm and summer-like memorial day from philadelphia to the nation's capital. don't forget the ball cap and perhaps the sunscreen. farther to the south, we do have the threat for rip currents. if you're headed out to the beaches for myrtle beach to jacksonville, check in with a lifeguard before heading into the water. reena and t.j., back to you. >> molly, thanks so much. frightening moments outside the nation's capital last night. the bomb squad moving in on a suspicious car. officers blew up a pressure cooker found in a station wagon parked across the street from the capitol building. they also seized what appeared to be a propane tank just as thousands of people arrived for the memorial day concert, the owner of the car was tracked down and arrested but police insist the public was never in danger. >> cleveland calm this morning after a tense weekend of
3:35 am
protests following a verdict in a police shooting case. 71 people were arrested after the decision, including some who attacked bystanders. but most protesters were peaceful. officer michael brelo was acquitted in the deaths of two unarmed black suspects. he stood on the hood of their car, fired into the windshield some 15 times after a chase saying he feared for his life. also in upstate new york, a body pulled from new york's hudson river has been identified as suspected murder victim vincent viafore. his girlfriend had told police that he disappeared while the two were kayaking. but after making inconsistent statements with police she was arrested and charged with second degree murder. investigators suspect she was after insurance money. >> hundreds are spending memorial day cleaning up oil off the coast of santa barbara making progress. the beaches could reopen next week but the spill has stirred up anger in california. as abc's clayton sandell reports. >> reporter: protesters in santa barbaba.
3:36 am
angry over an environmental disaster now rippling far beyond this shoreline turned oil slick. wildlife experts say animals swimming through the oil spill here are now showing up as far as 50 miles up and down the california coast. >> we're keeping teams out in the environment as long as we have to. >> reporter: an intense rescue is now under way to save the birds and animals coated in oil. over the weekend, this sea lion died. teams are scrambling to contain and clean the rupture in a line owned by texas based plains all-american pipeline. the company says they're still trying to find out exactly where it failed. >> we're sorry that this accidental release has happened. and we are bringing in all the resources at our disposal to respond. >> reporter: a commercial fishing area where harry makes his living is now shut down. >> the area of the closure knocks out a huge chunk of area till they can determine whether the seafood is safe or not to eat up there. >> reporter: miles of beaches
3:37 am
are still closed and with summer tourist season right around the corner, clean-up is far from over. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> a huge fire that broke out in an airport near houston expected to burn through the night. the fire caused an explosion at a private hangar in spring, texas. good lord. sending up balls of flames and thick billowing smoke. investigators believe at least one plane was inside. the hangar destroyed. no reports of injuries here. >> a youtube video showing marijuana infused fish brought investigators to a denver restaurant's door. >> what? >> marijuana infused fish. i'm not making it up. there's video documenting it. it's the making of a special smoked salmon is what it is but it has pot in it. and a regulated food business is not allowed to make marijuana foods in their kitchen. there's a catch. rosenburg's bagels says they made the salmon for a private party on the day the store was actually closed and the equipment was scrubbed several ways afterwards. what happens here?
3:38 am
>> we certainly did check to make sure that they had cleaned the equipment properly and had taken care of the issue and they're aware of what they can and can't do moving forward. >> we don't sell any infused products. >> the owner said that the smoked salmon, smoked was a giveaway there, such a hit -- they're now in talks with owners of kitchens that regularly work with medically infused marijuana. folks, you heard that right, smoked salmon with pot. >> i bet they are. i had no idea. >> story of the day for you. >> it is because a lot of things threw me off. i didn't know what the story was about before you started reading >> did you think i was making it up or i missed a word? you make some stuff up a lot of times. but this was a good one. it was a bagel shop? where was it again? >> i'm not going to tell you. move onto the drought. how about that. >> on 59th? okay. the drought out west, let's go there now, is impinging on the growers of hops.
3:39 am
we all know i certainly do, is the main ingredient in beer. we've got good back to back stories. 80% of hops production in the u.s. takes place in washington state. growing hops takes a lot of water, up to three gallons per day, three gallons? three gallons? that can't be right a day for every plant. there it is. how many plants we talking about here? beer producers are hoping lots of snow next winter. if not, it could all wind up costing you more for your beer. >> so you have the demand for hops. you have the high price of acreage and the potential shortage of water as three drivers of an increase in hops prices which will drive an increase in beer prices. >> so prices for hops have already been going up because of increasing demand for specialty varieties by brewers of kraft beers. >> okay. well, we mentioned that memorial day concert at the capitol earlier. part of the entertainment last night was provided by singer and
3:40 am
actress laura benanti, one of the stars of abc's "nashville." ♪ my country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty ♪ >> 26th annual national memorial day concert staged on the capitol grounds. gloria estefan was among the performers as usual. she also included dramatic readings and documentary footage honoring men and women in uniform, their families and those who is have given their lives in defense of this country. >> sounds like a great event. >> coming up, the sudden departure of a talk show star and why she will be off the air for months. >> and later, the reunion that's been 1 years in the making involving the girl rescued by an american soldier. how they met at her graduation. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by cascade platinum. brought to you by cascade
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a memorial day sky spectacular went wrong when a flag waving sky diver slammed into power lines in tennessee, plummeting 30 feet to the ground. more than 3,000 people watched in horror as the accident unfolded. spectators say the crowd spontaneously began to pray. this morning, that sky diver has already been released from the hospital. >> animal control officers in orange county, california are hunting for a coyote that attacked a little girl in a park. >> with the state into its fourth year of the worst drought on record the incidents of humans and wild animals crossing paths are on the rise. here's abc's aditi roy. >> wildlife officials on high alert, looking for a coyote who attacked a 3-year-old girl at a park.
3:45 am
>> they said that the coyote charged the little girl. >> the 3-year-old suffering a minor cut in the neck and just last week, tonya easton and her daughter 7-year-old isabela, had a close encounter. >> trying to have big arms and be scary like they say. it didn't faze that animal at all. >> reporter: coyote sightings are common in southern california but officials say close encounters are on the rise. nick mendoza seen in this nighttime video shot last year defending himself from a pack of coyotes. >> as i was walking i saw four to five coyotes coming at me and i starred pausing. they were coming out like a horror movie. >> reporter: experts believe one of the causes is the severe drought. the lack of water is sending wild animals into human habitats. sightings across the country, too. last month two different coyotes spotted in new york city and two coyote dens discovered near a school in new jersey and back in southern california, wildlife officials warning residents to keep their garbage sealed shut and not leave out pet food to
3:46 am
prevent more coyotes from coming out. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. >> don't run, make noise is what they recommend you do. if you encounter a coyote. keep lights on around your house, as well. that helps. even in new york, manhattan, we're seeing coyotes. we see a lot of wild stuff here in new york. we're not used to that. >> that's really wild, too wild. >> not used to that. coming up next here, we have a video that has resurfaced now of josh duggar telling a joke. that joke is not funny at all, certainly given the current context. we'll tell you why this is so disturbing >> the memorial day message a celebrity chef is sending out to from her hospital bed. the "skinny" is next. >> "world news now" continues
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> well, here's "the skinny" this morning. we start with josh duggar. he is under fire. now there is an unusual video of him that has resurfaced. >> reports said that the star of the tlc reality show "19 kids and counting" inappropriately touched several minors years ago when he too was a minor, forced duggar to resign his position with the family research council. >> now a video clip from 2008 has resurfaced. in it, you see josh duggar
3:49 am
cracking a joke about why he needed to find someone with whom to double date with his then fiance. listen to this. >> ginger was chosen at our chaperone and had to be pulled off because the movie we were going to see you had to be over 18. it was a preview screening of a good movie. >> that's the reason why ginger was not our chaperone. so we chose jan and john david. we thought why not have a double date. we are from arkansas. >> yech. he's kind of joking about a date with his sister, i believe, is that right? tlc has pulled "19 kids and counting" from the air. but duggar has support in a lot of places. mike huckabee calls his actions inexcusable but not unforgivable. his words. >> next up, the talk" losing its most recognizable voice at least for a while. >> sharon osbourne taking a break for a month at least from the cbs daytime chat show according to variety magazine after collapsing in her l.a. home from mental and physical fatigue. >> her doctors say she's suffering from extreme
3:50 am
exhaustion and most likely returned to work too soon after being hospitalized recently for pneumonia. our best wishes are going out to her. please get better soon, sharon. >> also, we're getting some -- we want to pass along get well wishes to a celebrity chef. sandra lee was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in march and had a double mastectomy. >> she posted a video for her followers on social media on saturday with a very important message for women everywhere. >> i'm going to get better. and this is a very good point, girls, you've got to the go get your mammograms on tuesday hi, everybody. >> lee's staff is posting updates on facebook and twitter about her surgery and about her recovery. they say she still has a ways to go. lee is a long-time girlfriend of andrew cuomo who has been right by her side at the hospital. >> another powerful voice making headlines. much different way. >> a history teacher in billings, montana made a rather unusual deal with his students.
3:51 am
colter pierce has taken the suggestion of one of his students and we're not making this up, named ike stoner. he made the promise he will not have to take their final exam if they can get taylor swift to call him. >> the idea is going viral on facebook. no word yet however from taylor swift. do you like this? >> you know what? yes. i think kids are tested too much and i think -- >> tested too much. >> creativity and ingenuity. >> get her to call -- what does this prove about in any kind of educational standard? >> it proves that if you've got friends in high places, special things can happen. >> oh, my goodness gracious >> i know. but you know what, the kids, hey, let's see what happens. >> okay. finally, what is this we have here? this is -- has us scratching heads. i was hoping not to get to the story. kim kardashian and kanye west there you go how do you like that. >> oh touching cheeks tongues? >> hold on. cheeks. is that a nice picture?
3:52 am
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breathe happy. >> well, as americans honor and give thanks to those who made the sacrifice to our country, today a special thanks to a soldier who is still with us. >> a special thank you coming from a woman whose life he saved when she was just a baby in iraq. here is abc's david wright. >> hello. >> a heartwarming reunion. >> saved the day for us. it was worth it. >> it was absolutely. >> 18 years in the making.
3:56 am
she was just a baby when her mom an iraqi kurd wound up on saddam hussein's hit list. the u.s. granted the mother asylum but the baby's name was not on the list. so a young lieutenant colonel, greg peppin, improvised. he swept up the baby and claimed she was his. >> i said my name's greg. if the baby's name was greg, got to be a relative. that means she can go. >> mom and baby escaped to atlanta where they have lived ever since. she grew up a georgia peach and shy never knew her hero though she had heard all about him. >> if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be here. me and my mom wouldn't be here. >> peppin went on to work and is now in his 70s. he was surprised to receive an invitation to attend her high school graduation. >> the day i got her e-mail was a signature day that kind of makes your life worthwhile. >> just in time for memorial day having made possible the commencement of one life experience, he's delighted to be there for another. >> i'm happy you tracked me down. >> so am i. >> i wouldn't miss this for the world. >> a chance to thank an american
3:57 am
hero. david wright, abc news, new york. >> i love that story. >> oh, my goodness. dave wright. between that one and the one martha raddatz did, they're giving me chills today. you know he went outside of training. he went outside of what's in a rule book to do something he thought was right and look, it paid off. >> certainly did. >> goodness gracious, what a good memorial day. >> you're absolutely right. a lot of people who serve abroad there are sort of split second decisions that a lot of them make that have done a great deal to change the lives of so many people across the country and the world. >> most of the of them we'll never know about. >> that's right. >> stories like that, plenty of them out there like that. we've got some updates. we're not done with news yet. >> no, we're not. >> >> we're going to steak around. also online, check it out. more news coming up from abc. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, severe storm, heavy rains turning the holiday weekend into a deadly washout. the relentless weather system triggering tornadoes overnight. the forecast ahead. the bomb squad called into the u.s. capitol building forced to set off an explosion as a precaution. what else police found inside a station wagon parked on the national mall. also calm in cleveland a day after dozens of arrests, a different scene on the streets. protesters demanding answering. honoring our heroes. the touching tributes across the country, the roar of freedom and the sweet sound of liberty and the big surprise for one very excited grad.


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